Contact Us

The staff at the Island Savings Centre are dedicated to making your visit an enjoyable one.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the staff listed below:

 Name     Title  Email  Phone
Terri Askham Manager Email  250.746.3400
Alana MacFarlane      Administrative Assistant Email 250.746.3401 
Anne Spalding            Administration &
Facilities Booking Coordinator
Email  250.746.3402
 Betsy Burr Ticket Centre Supervisor Email  250.746.3411
 Taylor Knowles                      
Facility Booking Clerk
Email  250.746.3434           

Programs & Events

Jamie Rigby Events Coordinator Email 250.746.3456
Adrienne Doneley   Events Program Assistant Email 250.746.3405
Darcy Kulai Arena & Sports Programmer  Email 250.746.3452
Denise Williams Child and Youth Programmer Email 250.746.3417
 Hugh Weir Child and Youth Leader    Email 250.746.3412
Jennifer Carmichael            Recreation Programmer           Email 250.746.3414
Sadie Bartram Program Assistant Email
Food Services  
Adrienne Doneley Food & Beverage Supervisor  Email  250.746.3405