Alternative Approval Process Opportunities

A New Library for Chemainus 

The CVRD is proposing to assist the Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) with the funding to construct a new Library in Chemainus.  In order to do this, the CVRD needs to adopt two bylaws.  Public approval must be obtained before the bylaws can be adopted.  A new service would be created by “Bylaw No. 4028 - Vancouver Island Regional Library Capital Construction Service Area Establishment” while “Bylaw No. 4029 - Vancouver Island Regional Library (Chemainus) Service Loan Authorization” would allow for the borrowing of funds for construction of the facility.  

This process mirrors the successful project that was undertaken in 2011 for a new library in the Town of Lake Cowichan.  VIRL has requested the regional district to once again borrow on their behalf from the Municipal Finance Authority to fund the $2.23 million project proposed for Chemainus. 

It is very important to note that THE CVRD WILL NOT BE TAXING for this project.  The loan authorization bylaw has a maximum tax requisition of zero dollars.  VIRL will pay back the loan over twenty years and 100% of costs will be paid by VIRL. 

Now that the bylaws have received three readings, and the Province has approved moving forward with obtaining public approval, electors (residents and non-residents) of the entire CVRD (including all four municipalities and nine electoral areas) have the opportunity to complete and submit an Elector Response Form if they are opposed to the proposal.  If more than 6,038 people are opposed to this proposal by January 23, 2017, the CVRD will be unable to adopt the two bylaws unless a referendum is held. 

If you are in favour of the proposal, no action is required.  

Please see the links below for bylaws, background reports, Notice, Elector Response Form, and the email response address should you chose to scan and return the form electronically.  Further information is available by navigating to the VIRL website here.

Bylaw No. 4028
Bylaw No. 4029
Background Reports (3)
Elector Response Form
Email for Completed Forms

For questions on the AAP or bylaws, contact Joe Barry, Corporate Secretary, CVRD, at 250.746.2506 or

For questions on the building project, contact Joel Adams, Director of Finance, VIRL, at 250.729.2312 or