Regional Harmonized Official Community Plan

The CVRD is undertaking the harmonization and eventual modernization of seven Electoral Area Official Community Plans (OCPs) and eight Zoning Bylaws to create one unified OCP (plus complementary local area plans) and one Zoning Bylaw.  This is part of on-going efforts to renovate the CVRD's numerous land use Planning policy and regulatory documents. There is as many as 30 years between the oldest and newest CVRD OCPs.  Issues, regulations, legislation, and even terminology have changed considerably over this period.

The harmonization project will reduce the size of the existing OCPs by about 50%, removing repetitive and sometimes conflicting objectives and policies that unnecessarily clutter and complicate the planning process.  The outcome of this administrative exercise will be a single stream lined OCP document for all CVRD electoral areas with complementary local area plans for village areas focusing on the particular character of each area.

The modernization and harmonization project is expected to save 45 staff years and $4.5 million in Official Community Plan policy work over the 15 year policy update cycle. The more efficient and cost-effective service will have lower risk of errors for our staff, and free up time for undertaking emergent planning work in a timely manner. 

The CVRD is continuously working to innovate in its operations and introduce best practices that will enable us to serve our communities in efficient, cost effective ways.  The creation of a single guiding OCP for our Electoral Areas is very much in line with our Cowichan 2050 Framework, which strives to improve regional collaboration, communication and coordinated planning.