Think Shawnigan: Development Designed by Community

Think Shawnigan is an intense design and planning process generating creative ideas for the future look and feel of Shawnigan Village. The Village has challenges with “walkability,” lake access, infrastructure, and other things. The CVRD is seeking to coordinate and focus public realm improvement projects in Shawnigan Lake Village. There are many opportunities for community input and participation in this process. The outcome will be a highly visual, long-term vision for the heart of Shawnigan Village, based on the community’s ideas.

Who is Involved with the Process?

MVH Urban Planning and Design has been hired to prepare a Village Centre Vitalization Design Plan. With the help of Shawnigan community residents, business owners and stakeholders, this design plan will help build a community that we can be proud of.

Which part of Shawnigan Village will be affected? 

The Think Shawnigan process will look at the area along the lakeshore from Shawnigan Wharf Park to Masons Beach Park, and from Bellendean Road in the west, along Renfrew and Hipwood Road in the north, Wallbank Road in the east, and Thrush Road in the south. The area was chosen because community members have expressed a concern about the undeveloped property across from the community centre and accessibility within the Village itself. 

To view a map of the study area click HERE.

How can you be a part of Think Shawnigan?

There are many opportunities for community input and participation throughout the process.

  • Online Survey June 24 - September 20, 2019. All residents, business owners, students, visitors, are welcome to participate!
  • Youth Input. September 20, 2019. The future of Shawnigan is our youth. Opportunities for high school students are taking shape. Email with your ideas.
  • Community Gathering. September 21, 2019. Shawnigan Lake Community Centre 25th Anniversary, celebrating the strength and diversity of the Shawnigan community. This is your time to stop by and share your vision for Shawnigan. Bring your ideas!
  • Intensive Design Week: October 17-19, 2019.*
    • October 17, 7:30-8:30 p.m. - Roundup of all the input gathered.
    • October 18, 4:00-6:00 p.m. - Meet the designers and see how the community ideas are being shaped in terms of design directions for enhanced street design, meeting places, pedestrian connections, as well as housing and commercial development. 
    • October 19, 4:30-6:30 p.m. - Draft design concepts and early directions presented. See detailed sketches of the designers interpretation of Shawnigan Village based on community input and ideas.
  • Final Designs. December 2019, dates to be confirmed.

 *All events held at the Shawnigan Lake Community Centre.

What will happen because of Think Shawnigan?

It is too early to say exactly what the outcome of Think Shawnigan will be … However, based on the community’s ideas, the report will include a design concept for: 

  • Big picture items: improvements to people’s mobility, level of desired development, amount of future retail or commercial space, meeting the housing challenge.
  • Detailed designs for the streets, public realm, and other improvements.
  • Three-dimensional drawings that illustrate the recommendations.
  • Design guidelines that will help with making decisions about future development in the Village.
  • Action plan to jump-start improvements in the Village.