Cobble Hill Sewer Integration Project

The Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) was successful in obtaining $1.9 million in grant funding to pay for works to combine two existing CVRD sewer systems into one; Twin Cedars Sewer and Cobble Hill Sewer. A new service area named ‘Cobble Hill Village Sewer Service Area’  includes the Twin Cedars Sewer System Service Area and the Cobble Hill Sewer System Service Area.

A large portion of the infrastructure is already in place to combine the two sewer systems. The grant funding will pay for the remaining upgrades and allow for expansion of the reclaimed water program for irrigation to community parks. The treatment of the wastewater will take place at the Twin Cedars wastewater plant and the disposal will be to ground at either the Cobble Hill or Twin Cedars disposal fields or for watering in community parks during the irrigation season.

For any utility system, the more customers paying into a system the more cost effective it becomes for each customer as the cost to operate the system is shared among more customers. The 2019 annual cost of the Cobble Hill Village Sewer System will be recovered through user fees ($500/year/customer) and parcel tax ($400/year/property). 

Alternative Approval Process (AAP)

In order to proceed with combining the two sewer system service areas, the CVRD needed to obtain public approval through an Alternative Approval Process (AAP) in order to adopt 'Bylaw No. 4205 - Cobble Hill Village Sewer System Service Establishment Bylaw'.  The bylaw was adopted at the September 25th Board meeting.

PowerPoint Presentation

A public meeting was held on April 25, 2018 to discuss the project with the community.  The Powerpoint presentation prepared for the meeting may be viewed here

Public Feedback, Comments, Questions

We welcome any questions, comments and feedback you may have regarding this initiative please contact us at:

  1. Phone: 250.746.2530