Solvents & Pesticides

Products under this category:

acetone, bbq lighter fluid, camping fuel, flammable degrasers, flammable lubricants, flammable solvents, fondue fuel, fuel treatment & additives, furniture stripper, gasoline, kerosene, liquid adhesives, methanol, paint stripper, paint thinner, pesticides, turpentine, varsol

For a complete list of accepted products, visit the Product Care's Regeneration website.

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Want to go green?


Use alternative cleaners - a mixture of baking soda and vinegar makes an excellent household cleaner. Avoid toxic drain cleaners and bleaches, especially if you’re on a septic system. Go with the greenest products you can find and buy only what you need.


Reuse of these products is difficult, so use less to reduce your impact. Check with your friends, family and colleagues before safely disposing of solvents, pesticides and fuels, as they may be pleased to take them off your hands.


ReGeneration offers a free recycling program for solvents & pesticides. CVRD Recycling Centres and other participating facilities can be found on the map above.

Products must be in their original labelled container. Containers with flammable liquids must show the flame symbol or say 'keep away from open spark or flame'. The maximum size accepted is 10 litres.