Oil & Containers

Products accepted under this category:

bilge water, motor oil, oil, oil containers, oil filters, oil rags, oily water

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Want to go green?


Drive less to cut down on motor oil use. Choose a push mower. Develop a no-idling policy at work to reduce consumption across your fleet. Regularly check for and immediately block leakages.

Line your boat hull with absorbent bilge pads, that absorb the oil, and leave the water - don't let your bilge pump do it for you.


Put used motor oil in a squirt can to grease hinges and lubricate tools. Use your oil containers to collect your used oil before recycling it. Use oil rags as long as possible - don't rinse them out when you do recycle them.


The BC Used Oil Management Association offers a recycling program for these items. CVRD Recycling Centres and other participating facilities can be found on the map above. A maximum of 20 litres of used motor oil per day is accepted at CVRD facilities, free of charge.