Products under this category:

non-refundable tin cans, metal lids, aluminum foil & plates, brass, bronze, cast iron, metal clothes hangers, copper, CO2 cartridges, lead, metal garbage cans, zinc

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Want to go green?


Household metal can be greatly diminished through reducing your use of aluminum foil & plates, and your consumption of canned goods (tin cans, metal lids, etc). However, choosing aluminum products is always a better option than plastic ones. Aluminum can be recycled over and over, whereas plastic involves downcycling into a lower quality plastic.


Try selling your old metal appliances on Used Cowichan or find a local charity that will use it. Keep scrap metal pieces for projects. Purchase reusable CO2 cartridges, rather than disposable ones.


Wash aluminum cans, plates and foil and put them in your curbside collection bin - paper can labels can stay on.

Scrap metal that cannot be placed in your curbside bins (i.e. CO2 cartridges, appliances, pots/pans, large items, etc) can be recycled at recycling facilities found on the map above.

Fridges and freezers are not scrap metal as they contain Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). These must be removed by professionals before they can be recycled as metal. You can recycle these products at facilities found on the Major Household Appliances page.