Cooking Oil

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cooking oil, vegetable oil

Not accepted at the temporary Meade Creek Recycling Centre. Cooking oil will be accepted at Meade Creek once the new facility is complete.
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Want to go green?


Use alternatives to cooking with oils. If you're using the oils to prevent food from sticking, think about investing in non-stick pots and pans. Try cutting down on your intake of fried foods.


If you have large amounts of spare cooking oil, diesel engines can be converted to run on reprocessed cooking vegetable oils, thus cutting back on high gas costs.

Cooking oil can also be kept in a jar to cook with again. Be sure not to mix different types of oils and keep oils in a cool, dark place. Do not heat the oil beyond its smoking point as this releases unhealthy fumes.


Residential quantities of used cooking oil in secure plastic containers are accepted at CVRD Recycling Centres for free. There are also three community bins in the following locations:
  • Downtown Duncan, in the Merit Furniture parking lot (Ingram St)
  • Cowichan Bay, in the Pier 66 Liquor Store parking lot
  • Ladysmith, in front of the Public Works Yard, 330 6th Ave

Please note that oils will only be accepted if they are in secure plastic containers (i.e. the original container). Open and non-secure containers easily spill (yogurt containers are not considered secure containers). Cooking fats are not accepted.

For more information, please visit the Cowichan Energy Alternatives website.