Beverage Containers

Products under this category:

aluminum cans, beer bottles, bi-metal cans, drink boxes, drink pouches, drink yokes, gable-top cartons, plastic beverage containers, plastic jugs, refundable glass containers, Tetra Paks, wine bottles, wine pouches

Beverage containers are recyclable at Return-It Bottle Depots, CVRD Recycling Centres, private recycling facilities, and many retailers. 

Glass containers should never go in your curbside tote.

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Want to go green?


Carry a water bottle with you and drink water from the tap.
When buying packaged beverages, aluminum cans are a better option than plastic bottles as old cans can be made into new ones.


Refill and reuse glass and plastic bottles before recycling them. Old cans or juice boxes are great for children’s art projects.


Encorp (Return-It) offers recycling programs for these items. Take refundable beverage containers to a local Return-It Bottle Depot or retailer for deposit refund. Rinse, remove, and recycle caps.

Deposit returns from refundable beverage containers recycled at CVRD Recycling Centres will be donated to charity.

Non-refundable aluminum cans and non-refundable Tetra Pak containers (i.e. milk and broth cartons) and place them in your curbside recycling tote.
Recycle non-refundable glass at CVRD Recycling Centres or at other facilities found on the Glass product page.