Emergency Information

August 5 - 21, 2019

Keep Cool When it Gets Hot!

  • Dress for heat
  • Stay hydrated
  • Cool down (shopping centres, movie theatres, libraries, stores, etc.)
  • Do not let anyone sit in a car that is not air conditioned
  • Keep it cool - cover windows when the sun shines in them, enjoy your basement hideout if you can, etc.
  • Get wet! Take a dip, put a cool damp cloth on the back of your neck, take a cool shower, etc.
  • Enjoy the shade
  • Check on elderly and children regularly and assist with cooling them down as necessary
  • Slow down - strenuous exercise should be reduced and only in the early morning cooler hours

Natural Hazards Potentially Impacting YOU?

Check out the Watershed Atlas for more information on what hazards are near you.

For Earthquake fault lines click on Layers and select Geology and Soils and then Fault lines.

Drought Level 3 

Please conserve water as much as you can! Potential for water shortage this year so let's all work together to reduce our use. 

Want to clean your car? Try a California Car Duster that utilizes the proven technology of baking a special paraffin wax into 100% cotton strands to assure that dust is lifted and removed, not just pushed around.


Fire Risk Moderate (temporary! but no open burning - just small campfires!) 

Report any wildfire or open burning violation:  1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on cell phone

Category 2 Open Burning Prohibited!


  • burning any piled or unpiled material smaller than 2 metres high by 3 metres wide;
  • burning stubble or grass over an area less than 2,000 square metres;
  • use of fireworks, firecrackers, sky lanterns, burning barrels or burning cages of any size or description; and,
  • use of binary exploding targets (e.g. for rifle target practice)

FireSmart Workshops:

Email to request a workshop for your organization or neighbourhood.

Emergency Preparedness Workshops:

Email to request a presentation for your AGM, organization meeting, neighbourhood, etc.

Volunteers Needed!

Thank you to all those that came out to find out about becoming an Emergency Social/Support Services Volunteer. 

Still interested but missed the sessions? Please contact Sybille Sanderson, Emergency Program Coordinator (250-746-2560 or email)

Emergency Preparedness - It's Everyone's Responsibility

Check out the Emergency Preparedness Workbook for more information to get your family ready!

Interested in having more emergency preparedness information in schools? Ask your schools to implement the free program Master of Disaster!

More great information resources:

The Emergency Notification System is up and running! Sign up - receive phone, text or email updates!

Are you ready???? Power Outages, Storms, Floods, Wildfires, Earthquakes - OH MY!!!

Check out the new Emergency Preparedness Workbook

Print copies are available at:
Municipal Offices: Duncan, North Cowichan, Ladysmith, Lake Cowichan, CVRD
Community Centres: Cowichan Community Centre, Frank Jameson Community Centre, Cowichan Lake Sports Arena, Kerry Park Recreation Centre and Shawnigan Lake Community Centre
Libraries: Cowichan, Chemainus, Ladysmith, Lake Cowichan and Mill Bay

Know a group that wants to learn more about Emergency Preparedness? Email ep@cvrd.bc.ca or call 250.746.2560 to schedule a free presentation.

Icon showing Emergency White status, which means no immediate concerns.
This white logo rotating on the homepage indicates there is no major emergency or disaster in the region at this time. If there is no major emergency, this logo may be replaced by other more pressing issues.
Icon showing Emergency Yellow status, click for more information.
This yellow logo rotating on the homepage indicates that there is an emergency occurring such as a wildfire, flood or other situation and this is where you can get up-to-date information on the situation and its potential impacts.
Icon showing Emergency Red status, click for more information.This red logo on the homepage indicates that there is a major emergency or disaster occurring that requires prompt action from people within the outlined area. Up-to-date information will be provided here and at radio outlets such as JUICE FM 89.7 and Radio Cowichan CICV 97.5 FM.