NOTE: This service is provided for any space OUTSIDE the current green-lined areas of the Liquor Primary License #163104

1 bartender $35.00/hr $140.00
2 bartenders $60.00/hr $240.00
3 bartenders $85.00/hr $340.00

All fees are subject to a minimum of 4 hours.


  • Setting up the bar for the client once the client brings their liquor, mix, bartending supplies, and a copy of their Special Occasions License to the venue.
  • Selling liquor on behalf of the client not to exceed the Special Occasions License prices listed on the license copy.
  • Provision of a float.
  • Taking a receipt book and pen along.
  • Cleaning up the bar area after the event and boxing up all un-used supplies for the client.
  • Charging the above hourly rate for any time in excess of the 4 hour minimum fee already paid (note this 4 hour minimum includes time taken by staff to set up and clean up the bar area).
  • Issuing a hand written receipt for any fees collected over and above the 4 hour minimum.
  • Leaving all un-used and un-sold liquor and bar supplies for the renter to load up and take home with them as this is their property.
  • Giving the client all of the revenue received - less CLR's float and any outstanding bartending fees.
  • Receiving a hand written receipt from the client for revenue.