Plan Area Options

The first step in the Official Community Plan (OCP) Review process involved confirming the Plan Area boundary. The Cowichan-Koksilah OCP (1994) applies to all of Electoral Area E and the easternmost part of Electoral Area F, including the Paldi area.  In accordance with s. 876 of the Local Government Act, an OCP must designate the area covered by the plan.  Three options were considered by the Electoral Area Directors:

Option 1: Status Quo (E+F)

This approach maintains the same Plan Area boundary as in the 1994 OCP. The easternmost part of Electoral Area F was included in the OCP because its characteristics aligned closely with Area E and residents felt a stronger connection to Duncan than to the Town of Lake Cowichan.  A current challenge is that the Area F Zoning Bylaw is not in alignment with the Area E OCP, which has created some conflict in decisions affecting land use and potential inconsistencies between policy and zoning.
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Option 2: Single Electoral Area


The conventional approach to preparing an OCP involves using a single electoral area.  The reason is that federal Census and National Household Survey provide data products, important for OCP development, that are based on electoral area boundaries.  A challenge with this approach is that it doesn't accommodate factors such as highways, watercourses or communities that straddle the boundaries of one or more jurisdictions.
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Option 3: Multiple Electoral Areas

(E + F + B)

Under this scenario, some lands within Electoral Area B were proposed to be included in the Cowichan Koksilah OCP Plan Area. Areas considered included the settlement areas north and east of the Koksilah River (i.e. Hillbank, Riverside, and Mountain Roads), outside the Shawnigan Lake Watershed. Residents of these areas seem to be tied more closely to Cowichan Station and Duncan than to Shawnigan Village to the south. 
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Option 3 was selected, and forms the Plan Area for the Cowichan Koksilah Official Community Plan.