Official Community Plans

CVRD's Long Term Vision, Policies, Priorities, and Guidelines

An Official Community Plan (OCP) does two important things - it presents a long-term vision for a community, and sets out policies, priorities and guidelines for land use and community development. An OCP is a document adopted as a bylaw by the CVRD Board of Directors and approved by the BC Minister of Community, Aboriginal, and Womens Services.

The OCP is designed to uphold the community's common interests, by establishing goals, objectives, and policies for the physical development of the area. These policies are crafted to strike a fair balance between community needs, the needs of individual residents, and economic and environmental matters.

Official Community Plans by Electoral Area

Please contact a CVRD Planner before making decisions based on these documents at 250.746.2620 or 800.665.3955.

Hardcopies of the following maps and associated bylaws are available for purchase from the CVRD main office. Consult the price list to view the costs of these materials. The following digital documents are organized by electoral area.

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