Liquid Waste Management Planning

Liquid waste in our region is processed by sewer systems and individual septic systems.  Sewer systems in our region are managed by private operators, improvement districts, municipalities, and the CVRD.  In our region, non point source pollution is a major contributor of liquid waste.  Non point sources include runoff from farming activities, failed septic systems, vehicles and gardening products. Effluent from non point sources is often not managed by community drainage systems.

Liquid waste management is a broad term used to describe the collection, treatment and disposal of sewage, as well as the protection of the environment from polluted runoff. A liquid waste management plan (LWMP) guides these activities, and is designed specifically to meet the needs of individual areas, based on technical and regulatory requirements, as well as input from the community.  The province has directed the CVRD to develop liquid waste management plans (LWMPs) for the Central Sector and South Sector of our Region.  
  1. Central Sector Liquid Waste Management Plan
  2. South Sector Liquid Waste Management Plan
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The Central Sector Liquid Waste Management Plan includes Duncan, North Cowichan, Cowichan Tribes, Area D-Cowichan Bay and Area E-Sahtlam/Glenora/Cowichan Station.  CVRD staff are working to finalize an amendment to the Plan.  This webpage will be updated as the project progresses. In the meantime, background information about the proposed amendment can be found below.

About the Amendment

The CVRD is proposing an amendment for the Plan that will recommend moving the existing treated effluent outfall from the Cowichan River to a suitable marine environment location in Satellite Channel. This change will ensure there is enough dilution to responsibly manage our community’s liquid waste over the long term. 

The process for this amendment involved a range of different activities in 2015, such as the completion of a Stage 1 Environmental Impact Study and consultation with partners, stakeholder groups, and the public. Final reports will be posted below as they are completed.

Partners in this project include Cowichan Tribes, the City of Duncan, the Municipality of North Cowichan and the CVRD.

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Staying Informed

We appreciate the feedback and questions from the members of the public and stakeholder groups who participated in the public consultation process.

Updates on the project will be posted here and emailed out to a mailing list at key milestones. If you would like to be added to that list, send a request to

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