Twin Cedars

The CVRD’s Twin Cedars Sanitary Sewer System is located east of Cobble Hill Village. The site is bounded to the south by Hutchinson Road, to the north by Fisher Road, to the west by Watson Road and to the east by Verner Road. The sewage collection, treatment and disposal system is designed to service 75 homes. Discharge of the reclaimed and disinfected effluent is to ground by means of six rapid infiltration basins, or since June, 2014, for toilet flushing for the Quarry Nature Park washroom and irrigation of the Train Park. The reclaimed water is treated with chlorine prior to use and complies with all Ministry of Environment requirements.

The system meets all requirements of the Ministry of Environment's Municipal Sewage Regulation and the CVRD's South Sector Liquid Waste Management Plan.

Management Bylaw No. 2947.