Shawnigan Beach Estates

System Overview
The CVRD assumed responsibility for the Shawnigan Beach Estates Sanitary Sewer System in 1999. The sanitary sewer system consists of a gravity collection system and six pump stations. Sewage is pumped to an aerated dual-lagoon treatment system, and is then filtered and pumped to a newly constructed ground disposal system situated adjacent to the Ingot Road subdivision.

Future Upgrades
There are a number of deficiencies associated with the sanitary sewer collection, treatment and disposal system, thereby requiring further evaluation, operational upgrades, and capital works expenditures over the coming years. Provision has been made for a bypass on Ravenhill Road, upgrades to the UV system, and equipment replacement and upgrades. Federal Gas Tax funding in 2008 will contribute to the Ravenhill bypass and pumpstation gensets.

Management Bylaw No. 1966
Shawnigan Beach Estates