System Overview
At the beginning of 2008, the two water systems operated by the CVRD in Electoral Area I, merged into a single water system referred to as Youbou Water System. Approximately 6 km of watermain has been constructed to connect the Youbou Water System (west of Willow road) with Lakeside Estates Water System (east of Price Road) for an integrated water system of approximately 612 users. All homes within the system have fire-flow protection and are within 300 metres of a fire hydrant.

How the Two Systems Work
Under normal operation, the two portions of the Youbou Water System will work independently of one another, a valve installed at Arnold Road controls the flow of water between them. When opened, this valve will allow the two portions of the system to serve as backup to each other in the event of a water shortage or emergency situation.

A pump station to be built on Arnold Road will house a booster pump allowing the water to be pumped from the Lakeside System to the new Youbou System. A pressure-reducing valve system is also to be built, reducing the pressure when water will flow from the Youbou portion to Lakeside, therefore residents will not experience any change in flow pressures.

This overview for Youbou Water System summarizes the system assuming the valve is closed.