Lambourn Estates

System Overview
The CVRD assumed responsibility for Lambourn Estates Water on September 1, 2008, and services 145 homes.

Water Source
The system consists of five groundwater wells, with two being used to supply water to a 20,000 Imperial Gallon concrete reservoir and a 40,000 Imperial Gallon steel reservoir. Two reservoirs provide storage and fire protection with a combined storage of 97,000 Imperial gallons.

Treatment Upgrades
The water is hypo-chlorinated. A green-sand filtration system was added in 2011 to remove iron and manganese. Well #5, which can deliver 9.3 litres of water per second, was brought on line in 2011.

The 2014 annual Parcel Tax is $279. The monthly user fee for a single-family dwelling is $30.83, less 10% for timely payment.


lambourn estates map