Kerry Village

System Overview
Kerry Village Water System is located approximately 1.5 kilometres west of Mill Bay.
The system was taken over by the CVRD in May 2004 and provides service to 62 homes in a strata mobile home park.
Source and Treatment
A groundwater well pumps water to a 70,000-gallon, below-grade, concrete water storage reservoir consisting of two equal, but separate, adjoining compartments. The groundwater receives chlorine disinfection and is filtered for iron and manganese removal.

As part of the maintenance program for the water system, the distribution system is flushed on an annual basis, usually in the spring, and the hydrants and valves are regularly maintained.

A 32-lot subdivision has recently been added to the system., which included major improvements to the system, including a new well source with improved water quality and a water treatment building.

The 2014 Annual Parcel Tax is $115 and the user fee is $31.50 per month, less 10% for timely payment.

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