Fern Ridge

System Overview

The Fern Ridge Water System consists of a well, reservoir, and hydropneumatic pressure tanks at the reservoir to provide water service to 35 residential connections within the Fern Ridge subdivision.

Water is pumped from a well to the reservoir in a dedicated supply line where it is pressurized and pumped into the distribution system on an as-required basis.

The water distribution mains are all 150 millimeter (mm) diameter poly-vinyl chloride (PVC), with a 50 mm diameter PVC supply line to the reservoir. There are two fire hydrants that provide adequate fire protection within the service area, although a recent fire flow test indicates that one hydrant does not have an acceptable residual pressure during fire flow conditions. The water service connections are metered. The water system is in good condition and has been well maintained and operated.

Fee Structure

The 2014 annual Parcel Tax is $420. The monthly user charge for single-family dwellings is $31.25, less 10% for timely payment..


fern ridge map