Mesachie Lake

System Overview
The CVRD assumed responisibility for the Mesachie Lake water system in 1969. It is located approximately 5 kilometres west of the Town of Lake Cowichan. The system services 96 residential and commercial properties.

Source and Treatment
Water is pumped from a groundwater well directly into the distribution system. The water does not currently require any pre-treatment. The well pump is activated and de-activated by a pressure sensor when water in the water storage reservoir reaches pre-determined low and high levels. Water is gravity-fed from the water storage reservoir to the distribution system when the pump is not running.

A standby generator, installed in 1999, ensures that the water system will continue to operate during electrical power outages.

As ordered by the Vancouver Island Health Authority, construciton of an automated backup chlorination system and a proper road access will commence in 2012.

The CVRD is currently completing a well protection plan for this system.

As part of the maintenance program for the water system, the distribution system is flushed on an annual basis, usually in the spring, and the hydrants and valves are regularly maintained.

The annual Parcel Tax in 2014 is $300. The monthly user rate is $10.83, with a 10% discount for prompt payment.