Electoral Areas Services Committee

Meetings Members
  • Director I. Morrison, Chairperson
  • Director K. Kuhn, Vice-Chairperson
  • Director K. Davis
  • Director S. Furstenau
  • Director M. Clement
  • Director L. Iannidinardo 
  • Director A. Nicholson
  • Director M. Dorey
  • Director M. Marcotte  
Terms of Reference
All matters and services concerning electoral areas exclusively (either all or combinations of electoral areas).

Specific matters that the Committee shall from time to time consider include:
  • Electoral Area Services
  • Community Planning
  • Inspection / Enforcement
  • Animal Control
  • Curbside Garbage / Recycling
  • Fire Protection
  • Community Parks
  • Vancouver Island Regional Library
  • Grants-in-Aid
  • Electoral Feasibility Studies
  • Utilities (Water, Sewerage, Drainage)