Maple Wood Art Project

January 17, 2017

Additional Information


RE: Call to Artists : Island Savings Centre  Maple Wood Art Project

1. A Call to Artists and Crafts persons has been issued to submit proposals for artwork(s) using the remaining wood from the Maple Tree on James Street that was removed in the summer of 2016. The Call is available on the CVRD website and on the Island Savings Centre webpages. Request for Expressions of Interest

2. The deadline for submissions is March 17, 2017.

3. Proponents are asked to propose the artwork(s) and a site either inside or outside on the Island Savings Centre property in publicly accessible space for the work(s) to be displayed.

4. The artist/craftperson(s) must use some of the wood from the tree and may incorporate other materials into the artwork(s).

5. Submissions are confidential under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

6. Seven volunteer community members have been invited to participate in the selection process as the Selection Panel. Each member represents stakeholders at the Island Savings Centre, including youth and the advocates for the retention of the tree.

7. Selection panel member names will not be made public by the CVRD because panelists are obligated to keep all information related to submissions confidential and are entitled to privacy regarding their participation.

8. The panel will be guided through an established process representing best practices in the selection of public art.

9. Potential proponents will have the opportunity to view the wood prior to developing their proposal.

10. The successful proponent will be announced by the end of May 2017, following the selection process.

11. The Island Savings Centre Commission has included up to $5,000 in the 2017 budget for the project.

Top of trunk
Limb core