Yard & Garden

Products accepted under this category:

grass clippings, leaves, small branches, twigs, flowers, weeds

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Want to go green?


Instead of a traditional garden, try xerscaping, using drought-resistant, low care plants, such as succulents and native grasses. This landcape produces less yard waste for you to dispose of and uses much less water.

"Go gold" in the summer and stop watering your lawn to reduce clipping waste and water consumption. Coastal lawns go into dormancy in dry weather, but will come back green and lush in the fall.

Plant native evergreens such as Douglas-fir in your yard. These trees are low care and provide habitat for wildlife.


Lawns and gardens love yard and garden waste. Leave your grass clippings and fallen leaves on the lawn for added mulch and fertilizer. Compost your kitchen scraps with leaves, small sticks, and detritus from the garden, and come spring time you’ll have excellent compost to nourish another growing season.  


Take your yard and garden waste to a CVRD Recycling Centre, Central Landscape Supplies or to one of the other facilities on the map for free.

Larger branches and stumps can be disposed of as scrap lumber for a fee.

Rocks, dirt and sod are not accepted.