Parking Lot Project

The Island Savings Centre parking lot is now open - thank you for your patience!

New Features Include:

  • Raingardens throughout the landscape to collect and filter storm water, putting it both back into the earth and into the storm water system. These gardens can manage the water from significant storms more effectively. The plants and trees are primarily native and drought tolerant, to minimize the use of water in the dry summer months, once the plants have established.
  • A single entrance and exit point reduces the number of places where pedestrians and traffic can intersect along the sidewalk, and forces vehicles to slow down to navigate the curves both entering and exiting the parking lanes.
  • One way traffic in the center loop, to improve flow.
  • Raised, marked crosswalks from the stalls along the east side.
  • A clearly defined drop off zone at the front doors.
  • Accessible stalls have been moved to the southeast side of the parking lot and access to the sidewalk in front of them and all the way up to the main doors is flat for those with mobility challenges and mobility aids.
  • A multi-use path has been established on the far west side of the lot to encourage pedestrians and cyclists to stay out of the traffic zone while moving between James Street and University Way. This provides the only designated vehicle-free link between the two streets from the TCH to Duncan Ave and links into the crosswalk on James street.
  • Improved lighting.

Requests from the public have been received for photos of the salvaged wood from the old maple tree on James Street. These photos show the interior of the trunk shell, the top of the trunk as it branched out into the two main limbs and the core of a section of the smaller limb. The ISC Commission has determined the salvageable wood be considered for a bench or other art piece for the Island Savings Centre. A committee with community member participation will be established. Staff and the Commission are developing an appropriate process for this step and further information will be posted when available.

Trunk Shell Interior
Limb core
Top of trunk