2016 Amended Water & Sewer Budget

2016 Amended Water and Sewer Annual Budget Index
The CVRD has 38 separate Water and Sewer services. Each service has a separate budget, and revenues and expenditures cannot be transferred between services. Therefore, we are required to keep separate records for each service, where revenues must equal expenditures for each budget.

Please note that the 2016 Budget was adopted December 9, 2015. A Budget Amendment was adopted June 8, 2016. Of the 38 Water & Sewer Services, 14 were amended as noted by the * in the index.
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Schedules 1-6  Engineering Water/Sewer Schedules

601 Satellite Park Water 800 Cowichan Bay Sewer
603 Douglas Hill Water 801* Brulette Sewer
604* Lambourn Water
802 Sentinel Ridge Sewer
605 Arbutus Mountain Estates Water
803* Twin Cedars Sewer
608 Fern Ridge Water
804* Lambourn Sewer
611 Bald Mountain Water
805* Arbutus Mountain Estates Sewer
613 Dogwood Ridge Water 809 Cobble Hill Village Sewer
615 Arbutus Ridge Water 810 Mesachie Lake Sewer
616* Carlton Water 811 Bald Mountain Sewer
617* Shellwood Water 813 Mill Springs Sewer
618* Woodley Range Water 815* Arbutus Ridge Sewer
619* Burnum Water 820* Eagle Heights Sewer
620 Mesachie Lake Water 830 Maple Hills Sewer
640 Saltair Water 840* Shawnigan Beach Estates Sewer
652 Central Youbou Water Debt
850* Kerry Village Sewer
653 Youbou Water
860 Youbou Sewer
660* Honeymoon Bay Water New Potential New Systems
661 Honeymoon Bay Water Debt

670 Cherry Point Estates Water

680 Shawnigan Lake North Water

681 Shawnigan Lake Weir

690 Kerry Village Water

Complete Amended Water Sewer Budget Book