This small water system services 26 single family homes of 32 properties. The CVRD assumed responsibility for the management and operation of the Shellwood Water System in January 2013.

Proposed upgrade work involves upgrades to wells, construction of a new reservoir and water treatment building and fire protection improvements. The CVRD Board of Directors has approved $260,000 of Gas Tax funding towards the Shellwood Water System upgrades for inclusion in the budget process. This funding would help reduce the potential amount to be borrowed for the purchase and future upgrades to the water system, which has been factored into the amounts shown in the above paragraph. As well, this water utility has approximately $105,000 in reserve funds. The remainder of the required funds, ($85,000), to upgrade this water system will be acquired by borrowing through the Municipal Finance Authority.

Homeowner costs are approximately $90 per month. This is collected in two ways; $400 in user fees is collected twice a year ($200 bi-annually) and an annual $700 parcel tax.

Water Management Bylaw

Annual Report