This small water system services 46 residential properties. The CVRD assumes responsibility for the management and operation of the Carlton Water System in January 2013.

Fee Structure

Carlton is a fully metered water system meaning each connection has a water meter that records water consumption. Water meters are read every six months and customers are charged according to their consumption and based on the rates set out in the inclined block rate table (see below for details)

Annual Charges (2016 Rates)

Billing Period Meter Reading Date User Charges
minimum payment (up to 200m3)
 Parcel Tax
Minimum Annual Fee 
(User Fee and Parcel)
March 15 - September 14 September 15 $200.00  $587.00 $987.00 
 September 15 - March 14
March 15 $200.00 

Inclined Block Rate Table

 User Charges
 Water Use (per billing period)  Charge
 0-200 m3  $200.00
 201-300 m3  $200.00 + $1.00 per m3 over 200m3
 301-400 m3   $300.00 + $1.50 per m3 over 300m3
 over 400 m3
$450.00 + $2.25 per m3 over 400m3 


Water Management Bylaw