This small water system services 31 single family homes. The CVRD assumes responsibility for the management and operation of the Carlton Water System in January 2013.

A water study was commissioned to determine the status of the water system and the costs to upgrade it. The study was completed in 2011 with an estimated $340,000 in upgrades required to raise the existing infrastructure to a municipal level. An additional $100,000 would also be required to install an optional fire pump. Some of the upgrade work involves upgrades to wells, construction of a new reservoir, a water treatment building and fire protection improvements.

The CVRD Board of Directors has approved $260,000 of Gas Tax funding towards the Carlton Water System upgrades. This funding is based on 75% gas tax funding to 25% system contribution for upgrades. The Carlton water utility has approximately $35,000 in reserve funds and with the addition of $50,000 from a borrowing bylaw through the Municipal Finance Authority; this will make up the 25% community contribution.

Anticipated homeowner costs will be approximately $83 per month. This is collected in two ways; a total of $400 in user fees collected twice a year ($200 bi-annually) and an annual $600 parcel tax.

Water Management Bylaw