Cobble Hill Reclaimed Effluent Sewer System Construction

Quarry Park Washrom Facility in Cobble Hill
The CVRD is constructing a dual sewer forcemain through the Cobble Hill Village core to provide service to the proposed Quarry Park Washroom facility. A twin-pipe system will bring treated reclaimed effluent from the Twin Cedars Wastewater Treatment Plant to Quarry Park to provide water for toilet-flushing and irrigation, and will return sewage back to the Treatment Plant. The construction is being completed by Northridge Excavating Ltd. and is expected to complete by the end of November, 2012.

If you have any questions please contact Jeralyn Jackson, Project Engineer, Capital Projects, Engineering & Environment at 250 746-2537.

Pictures of current work are below:

Click here for a drawing of the site and location plan

Placement of carrier pipe under the E & N Railway tracks

Detail of trench under tracks