Douglas Hill

The Douglas Hill Water System services the Douglas Hill and Jim's Crescent subdivisions, which consist of approximately 138 homes. The CVRD assumed responsibility for this system in November 2010.

Source and Treatment
The water source consists of two groundwater wells. Water from the wells is pumped to a concrete reservoir. As the reservoir top water level does not provide adequate operational pressure, the water is distributed through a booster pump station located next to the reservoir. The water receives disinfection treatment prior to distribution. The booster / treatment building is reaching the end of its serviceable life and is scheduled to be upgraded.

Planned upgrades in 2011/2012 include:
  • Installation of a new pumping and water treatment building
  • Booster pumps and dual barrier disinfection system
  • Related controls and infrastructure
Fees include an annual Parcel Tax of $297 and the monthly user charge for a single-family dwelling of $20.83 ($62.50 per 3-month billing period), based on a fee schedule of five steps. A 10% discount is applied for user fees paid by the due date.

Management Bylaw

Annual Water System Report